N.M.Event started off with the falguni pathak show which was a resounding success NME showed its presence in central India with series of successful events

A division of N.M. Events promises to translate your dream into reality

We have provided logistic and solutions to our corporate clients to smoothly carry out varied concerts and shows

A journey neither our client nor us want to finish

We not only provide a platform to our clients but we also strive to bring in the business for them. From pre exhibition promotions to road show

Designing is the power to create. To transform the idea from one's mind in to something that is tangible ... something that is real

We have an army of manpower to fulfill the desired numbers and to provide the desired quality to our clients

we carry out the pre seminar planning activity of our corporate clients precisely .we execute the seminar professionally so that the seminar meets its desired goal

we provide them business but we have also bowed with them in a special way. our network of celebrity consist of musician singers, stand up comedians anchors, TV stars ...

In the world of special events as well we have made a mark for ourselves with some extrely extra ordinary endeovours

Showcasing a product in front of its buyers is as important as manufacturing of the same

Who we are?

We provide a highly professional and comprehensive event consultancy service to meet all your event needs. Read More...

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